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"Can you get more resources for your library?" or
"Options to obtain more resources for your library"

Presenter: Lenny Rhine, University of Florida Health Science Center Library

Workshop length: two hours

Course outline:

1. Participants complete a worksheet that critiques the level of resources her or his library has. (facility-physical, equipment, books, journals, internet/www access, ongoing budget - staff and library materials)
2. I present information on "options to bridge the information gap"
a. Library partnerships
1. potential - what can be supplied - reprints, used books, web access
2. define limits - finite activities, ongoing vs. one shot, institution vs. grant based
3. discuss what facilitates and hinders programs
4. cite examples
5. list possible contacts (MLA/ALA/Jean Shaw/PAHO?)
b. Options for print resources
1. list possible contacts - from U Buffalo website; note English bias
c. Grant agencies for facilities/hardware/library materials - need to research this
(British Council + search for other possible agencies); try to identify others that can contribute here
d. Internet/www - note potential and limits
1. access to information plus means of dissemination
2. filter function
3. language limits
4. industrialized country based info
5. need for training/education - incorporate into education and curriculum (all based on my experiences in Zambia/Africa)
3. Return to worksheet and ask participants to note ideas/strategies that they can apply to her or his institution (in options column); have participants discuss what they wrote with others attending the workshop