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II Regional Coordination Meeting of
the Virtual Health Library
Location: Room 4

April 23 - Monday

Registration and reception of participants
Location: Meeting secretariat at the Palacio de las Convenciones

Opening session

Ileana Morales Suárez, Vice-Minister Salud Pública de Cuba
Yamila de Armas Aguila, Vice-Minister Salud Pública de Cuba
Jeremias Hernández Ojito, Director CNICM, MinSaP de Cuba
Juan Antonio Casas, Director HDP/PAHO/WHO
Abel Packer, Director BIREME/PAHO/WHO


The VHL in perspective
 Abel Packer, Director BIREME/PAHO/WHO

Scientific-technical information and health equity Alberto Pellegrini Filho, Coordinator HDR, PAHO/WHO

Coffee break

Remarkable national experiences

Cuba - Pedro Urra, CNICM/InfoMed
Trinidad y Tobago - Ernesta Greenidge, University of West Indies
Honduras - Eduardo Pleitez Valle, Sist. Bib., UNAH
México - Gladys Faba, Director CENIDS/INSP
Costa Rica - Virginia Siles Rojas, Director BINASSS
Brasil - Marcia Rollemberg, Coord. Doc. & Inf., Ministry of Health
El Salvador - Salvador Montes, Medical Library, UES
Uruguay - Stella Launy, Director BINAME/CENDIM
Colombia - Jaime Perez Castillo, Library, Ministry of Health

Lunch: Hotel Palco's restaurant

Remarkable experiences in specialized areas
Food Safety - Marcelo D'Agostino, INPPAZ/PAHO/WHO
Disasters - Ricardo Perez, PED/PAHO/WHO
Health Sector Reform - Zaida Sequeira, HSP/PAHO/WHO
Adolescence and Health
      Latin America and Caribbean - Ernesto Succi, UERJ, Brazil
      Quality Control - Alfredo Hidalgo, IMSS, México
Environment and Health - Marta Bryce, CEPIS/PAHO/WHO
Maternal and Perinatal Health - Alicia Rapetti, CLAP/PAHO/WHO
Initiatives in progress - Regina Castro, BIREME/PAHO/WHO
Coffee break

International cooperation

Health InterNetworks Project - Michael Scholtz, WHO
WHO/Open Society Project - Barbara Alonson, WHO; Michel Key, Open Society
SHARED - Barend Mons, SHARED-NWO, Netherland
Metodology and specific developments
BVS architecture - Jorge Walters, BIREME/PAHO/WHO
SciELO -  Anna Maria Prat, CONICYT, Chile
              Abel Packer, BIREME/PAHO/WHO
Probe Consortium - Rosaly Krizyzanowski, FAPESP, Brazil
OFIS - Gladys Faba, CENIDS/INSP, Mexico
CvLACS - Gerson Galvão, CNPq, Brazil
Technology Observatory - Ernesto Spinak, Consultant, Uruguay
Juan Antonio Casas, Director HDP/PAHO/WHO
Abel Packer, Director BIREME/PAHO/WHO
Bus transportation to Club Habana
Welcome dinner to participants of the II VHL Meeting
Location: Club Habana
(Invitation ticket required. Additional tickets may be purchased at the Meeting Secretariat on April 23 from 08:00am - 12:00pm)

April 24 - tuesday

Working groups and specialized areas
Location: specific rooms

Lunch: Hotel Palco's Restaurant

Working groups and specialized areas

Coffee break
Recomendations and conclusions of the working Groups

Location: Room 4

          La Habana Declaration
          Next venue - CRICS VI

Closure session  

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, Portuguese and English will be available

The participation in this meeting is restricted to the official invited guests/delegates. For thenon invited guests/delegates participation it is necessary to request previous authorization through the e-mail: crics5 @bireme.br The access to the venue of the Meeting will only beallowed to previously identified participants.