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News File

May 2001
      CRICS V in numbers
      A Meeting that will go down in history
      CRICS VI: all roads lead to Mexico

Abril 2001
      The search for social equilibrium in health
      Knowledge in the Internet Age
      Medical Libraries and the Public
      Questions and Tips about Cuba

March 2001
      Why study equity in health?
      On-line information and development
      Updating is indispensable
      Cuba: destination for health travelers

February 2001
      Cyberdemocracy, first and foremost
      Life in the knowledge society
      The practical challenge of bioethics
      On the trail of Hemingway
      Pay for your trip to Havana on installment

      Knowledge as a transforming factor
      Healthcare decisions
      Controversy: public and private information
      Poster session selection
      Take it easy at Varadero

      Equity in Health in a New Society
      Pathways for Health Education
      The Advantages of Electronic Registration
      Cuba requires entrance visa
      Distance Education through the Internet
      Revisiting the librarian's role
      Educational Tutorials

January 2001
      Challenges of Change for an Information Manager
      Codes of Ethics and e-Health in Practice
      Introduction to WWWISIS XML
      CRICS V in Havana: bigger, broader, and more complete
      Journals and scientific work
      Havana, a Landmark for All of Humanity

December 2000
      Let's share: what you know and what we know
      What is collective intelligence?
      Discussing the digital divide